Street fights special

April 5, 2007

There is just something about street fights that make them so entertaining. It’s the of expression raw uninhibited emotions between two (or more) humans that you can’t get anywhere else. They aren’t fighting for money, they aren’t fighting for fame, they probably don’t even realize they are being videotaped. The UFC ,and all other professional fighting leagues are to fighting what the porn industry is to sex; manufactured taboo. That’s not to say I don’t watch both on consistent basis, just that sometimes you can’t beat the real thing.

This is a clip of a bunch of fights captured outside of bars in Alberta. The quality ain’t great, but the action is.

Some trash talking thugs try to lure a guy into an alley, when a guy stops at a red light, gets out of his car, and proceeds knock out one of the thugs and beat the shit out of him while he’s unconscious… I love how the shit-talker’s friend is no where to be seen after the guy gets out of the car.


Links 4/4

April 4, 2007

Georges St. Pierre: ‘Model of the future UFC champion’

An article about one of the classiest, but most fear men in the UFC.

Kimbo Fights

April 4, 2007

Kimbo is an absolute monster. When he’s not starring in porn movies, he’s probably beating the shit out of someone in their own backyard.

Kimbo’s first video

I remember seeing his first video a while ago and was intrigued by how calm he was, as his fat friend clumsily tried to help him change before the fight. Later I could see why. Not only has he got massive strength, but he also has great technique. Kind of like a Bob Sapp, but with skill.

Kimbo backyard fight

Kimbo takes on another big guy in a random backyard. After the first 20 seconds the other guy doesn’t want anymore and tries to quit, but Kimbo wants to “run this shit” and pulls off a sweet counter-punch. At the end of the video you see exactly why the other guy tried to quit so soon.

Kimbo vs. Adyran

At first I thought this would be the first fight where Kimbo is finally tested. But after the first 10 seconds, Adyran goes into bitch slapping mode and gets his face mangled.

Kimbo vs. The Bouncer

The first time Kimbo gets knocked down! Well, kinda. The bouncer steps on Kimbo’s shoe and sends him flying. The bouncer gets a tennis ball sized lump for his troubles.

The only question is, why isn’t he fighting in the UFC?!

Freestyle battle turns into an all out brawl

April 4, 2007

I love Freestyle Fridays, but I always thought they could make it a lot more interesting if the winner was decided by who can make the other throw the first punch.

So I guess the guy in the black hat wins!

Mirko Cro Cop Vs. Bob Sapp

April 4, 2007

I love size mismatches like these. Bob Sapp absolutely towers over Cro Cop, but Cro Cop rocks Sapp in the first round with what looks like a harmless left jab.

Can you say glass jaw?

What’s cool about this video is that it is the one time I’ve ever seen Cro Cop really celebrate.